The Micro-Budget Feature: From Development to Distribution by Cinema Summit

The Micro-Budget Feature: From Development to Distribution

Making a Feature Film from Start to Finish

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This is unlike any online filmmaking course you have ever seen or been a part of. We are finally going to answer the question, "How do I make a feature film?" by showing instead of telling.

Follow along as Alex Darke & Trevor L. Nelson from Gilded Cinema walk you through all of the steps to create a film from development to distribution.

The over-the-shoulder approach puts you on the filmmaking team where you will be making decisions and participating in the final product.

In addition to the 48+ instructional videos, as a founding member, you will have access to monthly live office hours where Alex & Trevor will answer your questions and review your own projects in an online video webinar.

What's included?

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What is happening?
What to Expect


How long is each module?

Each video will be between 10-100 minutes long depending on the topic. Each module will contain four videos.

How long will it take to complete the entire course?

The entire course is spread out over 12 months to allow participants to absorb the information before moving to the next module.

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